7C Incinerators / Waste Burning Plants are built as best in the world. The incinerators are manufactured without any compromise in quality



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7 CONTINENTS - Eco-Friendly Concepts & Engineering Solutions

Kerala's leading Incinerator Manufacturers

7C incinerator manufacturers is a name that you can trust for effective waste management solutions. With years of experience and research in the field of waste management, we know what works best for the nature friendly and innocuous disposal of different domestic and commercial wastes.

We believe it’s our responsibility to keep our environment safe with zero waste. We care for quality of materials used in every step of developing Incinerator / waste disposal plants and structures. The world class products from 7C incinerator manufacturers assure safe and clean waste management without causing pollution. Our expertise teams are always a call away to help you with anything and everything regarding the waste management.

Why choose 7 CONTINENTS?

Our 7C Incinerator / Waste Burning Plants are built as best in the world. The Incinerator plants are manufactured without any compromise in quality and standards. 7C Incinerator Plants are available in different models and you can opt one for combustion of 20 to 200 kg solid waste within an hour. The zero waste plants are capable to burn everything except iron, treated cement, glass pieces, bio-medical waste & aluminum foil.

The advanced technology we use helps in complete combustion of the waste under a developed temperature of 1000°C inside burning chamber. A water scrubber system is attached with the incinerator chimney to help controlling toxic gases, CO2, carbon particulates and odor from the smoke. The chimney of the plant is built in great heights equal to that of a 6 storied building, to avoid pollution.

7 CONTINENTS - The zero fuel waste burning plant

The zero fuel solid waste burning plant works with the unique OCT (oxygen controlled technology) that makes any waste material burn out within minutes causing least CO2 emission. Within in minutes, the temperature inside the closed chamber shoots up to 600° centigrade and then to 800° centigrade and can go up to 1000° centigrade upon the nature of waste material. The high quality steel chimney of 7C plant can withstand the temperature up to 1200° centigrade.

Even if it is burning high, the plant will remain cool outside with the strong insulation between the layers of system. The 7C plants are long lasting and need zero maintenance. The plant can burn almost everything except roughened glass or treated Plaster of Paris.

We have completed over 500 Incinerators / Waste Burning Plants projects.

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